We – A-LASER Inc. are engaged in product design, manufacturing and sales of specialized companies for semiconductor laser products.
1991 : Established Headquarter IROYAL CORPORATION. in Taiwan.
1998 : Guangzhou - IROYA TECH. CORP. CHINA. setup in Guangzhou, China for southern China market.
2006 : Create Changshu A-LASER Tech Corp. in Jiangsu, China for LD assembly produce factory.
Dec. 2012 : Set up management headquarters in Shanghai, China and named "Shanghai A-LASER Tech. Corp." to fully handle LD Assembling Division, Optical Components Division and Industry High Power Module Division.

We get ISO9001 qualification and mainly assembly laser diode range in
·TO-can, C-mount package in Φ3.3mm, Φ5.6mm &Φ9.0mm,
·Wavelength range in 405m, 460nm, 532nm, 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 808nm, 850nm, 940nm & 980nm.
·Output range in 5mW ~ 50mW.

In 2008, we set up optical Division to focus on glass collimating lens for measurement, military, medical, light communication & industrial module request, major lens Φ in 3.0mm, 6.0mm, 6.35mm & 8.0mm. We can accept the OEM to make the part for you and also we can offer the engineering support and work with you to make the part as ODM case.

We -- Shanghai A-LASER Tech. Corp. are strategic partner with Taiwan Arima Laser Corporation and also to be their Exclusive Agent in China to sell their whole family laser diode products. In August 2014, for long term plan, we joint venture with Taiwan Conary Enterprise Co., Ltd. to set up Binfred Electronics Co. to handle “iPin” brand series products, industrial laser module optical communications parts & material business. We uphold the "integrity, innovation, professional, green” for the purpose, and continue create in laser application, and long term, we toward to be a professional laser diode assembling, manufacturing, research and development, sales development focus for our customers to provide more advantages of cost-effective products.